Corel Painter 2016 is here and brings with it new features including sound-based brushes, dynamic speckles, new dab types, better blending and more.

There’s also a brand-new Photoshop plugin that lets you use a subset of Painter’s brushes from within Photoshop. ParticleShop gives you access to particle- and real media-based brushes from within Adobe’s tools, with many of the same controls as in Painter.

ParticleShop includes only 11 brushes, but you can buy 11 additional brush sets around themes from Fine Art and Hair to Dust and Debris for $29.99 (around £19) apiece.

ParticleShop costs $49.99 (around £32) and works in Photoshop CS5 or later, Lightroom 5 or later, or Photoshop Elements 13 or later.

Read on to see what’s new in Corel Painter 2016.

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