We've been sent a few illustrated guides to hairstyles in the past few years, but Caroline Selmes' Ladyscaping is the first we've seen to explore 'below the waist' styles.

The Toulouse-born, London-based illustrator has created a new book featuring her renderings of 36 different female pubic hairstyles. Each is paired with a quote related to the style in question from the likes of Madame de Pompadour: "Champagne is the only drink that enhaces a woman's beauty" (about 'The Champagne Glass', see the next page) to Matthew Arnold: "Bald as the bare mountain is bald, with a baldness full of grandeur" (I think you can guess which style this refers to).

A book like this could easily be awkward or crass – but Caroline's delicate, simple drawing style and warm colours mean that it's lightly humorous without descending into mockery.

Caroline Selmes' Ladyscaping is published by BIS and is out now.

Read on to see illustrations from the book.

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