Artist and Digital Arts contributor Bram Vanhaeren has created a series of portraits of his heroes as part of a new project.

We caught up with Bram to find out more about the series, titled On The Wall, how he chooses his heroes and the creative process behind the portraits.

DA: Why did you want to do this project?

BV: "After I graduated few months ago, I lost interest in illustrating and art in general. Then few weeks ago, the joy of illustrating took me by surprise and I started illustrating some of my heroes. I was drawing people I look up or athletes from my childhood that took my breath away with their achievements.

"Everything came together so I continued drawing people that inspire me and I like. This way I could share my appreciation for these people with my friends and start a conversation about their heroes."

DA: Tell us a bit about the creative process behind the pieces, from finding references to working them up in a coherent style.

BV: "Most of the time I have a clear idea of who they are and what they represent. I would like to see this same energy in the portrait. It can be in their eyes, their focus, sometimes their movement, and their actions that makes a great portrait.

"So I look up for a great shot, then I start drawing with the Pencil tool in Adobe Illustrator with my mouse (I can't work with tablets). In simple black, I start with the most important details and build the rest around that. Once my black and white illustration is done I start colouring in Adobe Photoshop and add the correct energetic feel to the portraits.

"Once I get that "yes, this is great" feeling, I'm done and share it with my friends."

Use the slideshow controls above and right to see more of Bram's portraits and to find out more about how he created them.

Right: Michael Johnson

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