The search for the most creative and well-designed record cover art is underway. Nominees for the 12th year of the Best Art Vinyl awards have been announced. The voted winner will sit alongside amazing designs by Dave Stansbie and Audrey Powell for David Gilmour’s 2015 album, and Dan Hilier’s design for Royal Blood in 2014.

Design experts and previous winners have curated a shortlist of 50 covers from 2016 for music artists including Rihanna, James Blake, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Underworld – not to mention the late music legends David Bowie and Leonard Cohen.

The pool of designers in this year’s nominees includes Jonathan Barnbrook, Quentin Blake, Paul Agar, Charlotte Delarue and Roy Nachum. Work spans design disciplines such as photography, illustration and graphic design.

Creative consultancy Big Active, winner of Best Art Vinyl 2013 for White Lies’ Big TV, is a nominee three times this year for their work and contribution to Nao’s For All We Know, Shura’s Nothing’s Real and White Lies’ Friends.

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