Photographers and illustrators collaborate to create virtual graffiti in the streets of cities, as part of Tiger Translate's 'Streets' themed year.

Tiger Beer's Tiger Translate, a global initiative that aims to bring artists from the East and West together, has commissioned 10 photographers and 10 illustrators to work together to splash virtual graffiti throughout cities.

As part of Tiger's 'Streets' themed year, which it explains is designed to "celebrate the energy that infuses the streets of Asian cities and transforms them into urban art galleries," participating photographers first captured a photo of a street in their city. Illustrators then transformed those photographs by creating digital artworks over the original image.

The artwork created has been brought to life in a three-minute animation, too, which you can view here.

Tiger Translate's 'Streets' theme has already been travelling around the world, with exhibitions held in Dubai, Mongolia and more.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to see the original photographs and how they were transformed by digital graffiti.

Right: Manila, Philippines. Photographer - Indrau Manahan. Illustrator - Jason Levesque

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