Anshuman Ghosh uses his iPhone in a way that most would never dream of, and it's highly entertaining. Using paper illustrations, the Johannesburg visual artist transforms the much-loved Apple device into an object of many purposes – whether that’s a ketchup bottle, paper shredder or fridge – in a style he calls 'phone-framing'. 

Anshuman’s offbeat, abstract illustrations revolve around his everyday hobbies such as food, music and movies. To create his self-described "quirky little imaginary world", he sketches a drawing onto paper, cuts it out and creates a simple composition against a bold background, merging the lines between reality and conceptual.

And his work is hugely admired. His Instagram account Moography, the main place to view his current iPhone illustrations, has 92,000 followers. His latest series is available to buy from LUMAS Gallery, with individual artworks at £24 each. He’s also created an iMessage sticker set which you can download from iTunes. 

And keep an eye out - Anshuman says he's constantly working on more artworks for this series. 

Find out how he came up with 'phone-framing' and the creative process, using paper as the main medium.

Image: The Most Mobile Sushi yet, Anshuman Ghosh

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