The 1960s was the 'golden age of flying', when air travel was widespread – especially in America – but expensive enough to be seen as a privilege enjoyed by only by the rich and the successful businessman (and, being the 60s, it was almost exclusively men who flew for business. Thankfully times have changed, tho they still need to change more).

It's this world that a new board game from Russia called Ready for Takeoff is set – which features these illustrations by Alexey Kot that are almost-perfect pastiches of those used in airline ads of the time.

 I say 'almost perfect' because the ads for American airlines of the era focussed on the prestige and sense of adventure associated with travel. Flying was exciting, exclusive and said that you were "going places" both metaphorically and literally. Alexey's illustrations, however, feature some the challenges those running airlines faced.

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