Alberto Seveso's trademark style of filling silhouettes with organic and graphic patterns has found favour with client from magazine publishers to music labels. His work has appeared across the identity and packaging for Adobe’s Creative Suite 6, and even once graced the cover of our sadly-no-more print magazine.

The Bristol-based artist's latest project is a series of artworks released through Curios. Trivial Expose features nine nudes, where the silhouettes of the female subjects are filled with ribbons of light and explosions of paint. The end results are either based around colour palettes of contrasting blue and orange, or red and blue. The former are interesting-enough abstract prints – but it’s the latter that more compelling, as the use of red and blue give them a curiously visceral feel that we’re used to from anatomical drawings of the human body’s muscle system.

Each print costs between $39 (around £23) and $125 (£74).

Use the slideshow controls above and right to see the rest of Alberto Seveso's Trivial Expose series of artworks.

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