This year is the 150th anniversary of the first publication of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – prompting a wide range of creative projects and events based around Charles Dodgson’s novel.

These range from projects based around the core text – such as the republishing of the many different illustrated editions from the last century-and-a-half – to works inspired by the themes, environment and characters from the novel. Here we’ve collected five of our favourite Alice-related projects that we’ve covered in Digital Arts’ much shorter history.

Fans of Alice’s adventures should also visit the wonderful exhibition at the British Museum in London, which runs until January 27 2016. This brings together original manuscripts, illustrations and memorabilia from the book’s 150 history. On show are the earliest artworks by Dodgson himself and Sir John Tenniel (usually though of as the original illustrations), as well as more modern interpretations from the likes of Helen Oxenbury. The progression shows the adventures, characters and the world of Wonderland becoming more and more sanitised over the decades – so it’s great to see more menacing visual representations of the novel, especially my person favourites, by Arthur Rackham.

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