Apparently men who play the guitar are instantly 90 percent more attractive, Nintendo's Mario game is named after the Italian landlord of the Nintendo US office in the early 80s, and the Walkman was created so Sony's co-founder could listen to opera whilst flying.

London-based 3D illustrator and designer Matt Wood has spent hours Googling random facts like these to accompany a beautifully bizarre array of dream-like illustrations for his A-Z series on childhood. 

Matt has worked as a freelancer ever since his two-year stint for the BBC some eight years ago. Now he designs for brands such as Levi’s, Red Bull and Fortnum & Mason. His background is in graphic design, which he studied at the Chelsea College of Art & Design. 

He began to experiment with creating 3D graphics in 2016, and this has become his main passion. Always interested in the world of 3D, Matt thought it would be a stronger medium to express his ideas and creativity, and a chance to move away from designing within the restrictions of brand guidelines. Transitioning into a style of bold and playful 3D graphics - which always focus on one simple idea - has been the best decision he’s ever made. 

This is the second year Matt's embarked on an A to Z series of quirky, playful and truly imaginative 3D illustrations – a continuation from his original work for 36 Days of Type  - a project where designers, illustrators and graphic artists give their views on signs from the alphabet. For each individual letter Matt has paired a random fact inspired by the letter with it for your entertainment, light reading or amusement. This year Matt chose the theme of "childhood fun and games". His use of bright colours captures the positivity and innocence of being young. 

Matt Wood tells us about the creative process behind his simplistic yet genius project.

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