Learn techniques for Adobe Illustrator across vector art, vector graphics, typography, pattern design and more.

Adobe's vector design and art tool Illustrator can appear to have a daunting number of tools – tools that Adobe is adding to on a regular basis – but whatever you want to do with it, we have the tutorial for you here. Whether you want to create a stunning illustrations like Alexandra Zutto's owl (above), informative infographics or artful type, check out our list of the top 20 Illustrator tutorials, written by some of the world's leading illustrators and designers.

Techniques covered here include faux 3D effects, linework, shading perspective, vintage effects and more.

Some of these tutorials are designed to help you learn the new tools in Illustrator CC – and some will work no matter which version of Illustrator you own.

Illustration tutorials for Illustrator

Create a Death Goddess inspired by Mexico’s Day of the Dead

Want to produce clean and detailed line work but with a hand drawn edge? Not sure whether to use the pen tool in Illustrator or a tablet in Photoshop?

With his stunning tattoo-style designs, digital illustrator and ‘part-time thrasher’ Chris Parks has all the answers and more in this tutorial.

Create lush, glossy vector images

It’s easy to associate vectors with flat shapes – but creating Illustrator images with real depth needn’t be a headache. In this tutorial, Thomas Burden (who works under the name ...There Will Be Unicorns) shows how you can create striking, vibrant work in Illustrator using a simple colour palette and basic blur effects – particularly Illustrator’s built-in Gaussian Blur effects.

Create X-ray vector art

While you might think this has been painstakingly created using a 3D suite such as Cinema 4D or Maya, it's actually relatively simple to produce using Illustrator’s Blend tool and some practice at drawing the underlying structure freehand.

Faux 3D finishes in Illustrator

Karan Singh shows you a clever and ridiculously quick way of giving your flat illustrations a faux 3D finish – without leaving the confines of Illustrator.

Master dynamic gradient techniques

Many works that look complicated are really made from simple elements. In this tutorial, Russian artist Alexandra Zutto shows how to build up complex, beautiful images by patiently layering and building up small, straightforward segments, always varying them to prevent monotony.

Texture tricks with vector artwork

Texture can really add depth and a tangible quality to vector illustrations. In this tutorial, illustrator Jeffrey Bowman discloses the techniques he uses to create texture and then explains how he adds this to his work.

Use the Kuler iPhone app to develop a colour scheme for use in Illustrator CC

In this tutorial, Ben the Illustrator will guide you through getting started with Kuler and then using your colour palettes in Illustrator.  We’ll also go through another new function in Illustrator CC, the Image Brush tool, where we’re able to apply a jpg or bmp image to a brushstroke.

Graphics tutorials for Illustrator

Design an isometric infographic

Here, illustrator Tim Smith details some of the intriguing yet surprisingly simple theory behind the isometric projection. He provides insightful tips and tricks to help pull off detailed isometric illustrations with ease as he offers up his experience in using this technique to create illustrations with witty narrative.

Design a vector animal mascot

For this tutorial, Martijn details how he would produce an illustrated mascot to serve as part of a larger branding concept for an importer of African coffee and coco beans. He has created this depiction of a lion, which in its pose and demeanour is meant to represent nobility, pride, aspiration and achievement, but it also has to be nimble and active.

Create cool infographics

Infographics, such as the one opposite, are great visual tools for communicating large amounts of data. Breaking down large amounts of abstract data, they place the information in context and transform it into tangible and useful knowledge.

Create a retro-style comic

In this Masterclass, illustrator Toby Leigh will guide you through how he develops a narrative-based artwork in his hip graphic style that puts a modern spin on British comic traditions.

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