What's the best illustrated picture book for kids? As an art-literate creative, you're not going to be content with giving your children (or your friends and relatives children) something from the hundreds of twee and poorly-drawn picture books that are released every year. You want something that’s going to stimulate you visually as much as them – especially if you spend as much time reading to and with your kids as I do.

So to help you out, I've collected 10 of the best picture books that feature the level of illustration we'd be happy to run on Digital Arts, books that help you to pass on your love and understanding of considered, creative art to your children (and others).

Some of these are classics – I grew up reading Where The Wild Things Are and The Tiger Who Came To Tea – and some are more modern releases that are firm favourites with both me and my children. A couple aren’t strictly picture books – though I doubt anyone's going to be that pedantic about what the definition of a picture books – but I’ve included them as they include wonderful artworks and can encourage young kids weaned on picture books to discover other forms of children’s literature.

Read on to see the list (using the controls above or on the image, if you're on a desktop browser. If you're on mobile, just scroll down).

Is your or your children’s favourite on the list - or have I missed them? Let me know in the comments below.

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