You may have heard of Lucy Sparrow. She's the woman responsible for the Cornershop, which captured the attention of the world's media when it was unveiled earlier this year. Why? Because the Cornershop features more than 4,000 familiar grocery items made entirely from felt.

In the Cornershop, which was originally situated in London's East End, you could find anything from newspapers and toiletries to frozen food and vegetables, all handmade from felt by Lucy. Even the till and the pricing gun (which was actually fully functional) were made from fabric.

Now, the Cornershop has been relocated to the seaside for a Cornershop-by-the-Sea exhibition at Brighton's No Walls Gallery. All 4,000 items from the Cornershop have already been sold, but they've been loaned back to Lucy specifically for the new exhibition (it took her seven months to make them, after all).

The Cornershop-by-the-Sea will be opening on 3 October and will be open to visitors Tuesday to Saturday 12pm to 7pm, and on Sundays from 12pm to 5pm. And, it's free! Find out more on the No Walls Gallery website, and take a closer look at some of Lucy's creations on the following slides.

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