We visited the 3D Printshow 2014, an exhibition of the hottest new tech for 3D printing and a gallery show of wonderful designs spanning art, fashion, architecture, product design and even toys.

This year was all about how new software tools are helping artists and designers bridge the skills gap and master 3D printing, tools that make creating 3D objects simpler and more like those that artists are used to.

In video above, you’ll hear from Adobe about how Photoshop’s 3D tools are making it easier for artists and designers to try 3D printing for the first time and see a demo of a 3D scanner and simplified software from Fuel 3D.

You’ll also learn how fashion designers are getting into 3D printing and how it’s now possible to get your creations 3D printed in more than just plastics - even in silver or gold.

Also, check out our gallery of the most elegant, creative and fun things we saw at the show, including this dress 'drawn' in 3D using a 3Doodler.

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