Miriam Elia isn't happy with Penguin. Last year she released a parody of Ladybird Books that used the simplified world of the much-loved series to make some barbed satirical points about both modern art and the ethics of how authors portray the world when reducing its complexity for children.

Ladybird-owner Penguin threatened Miriam with legal action, so she stopped selling the book – instead giving them away to people who bought other works – and created a version with all of the trademarks and identical names removed, releasing it as a Dung Beetle book.

Since then Penguin has released its own spoof series – aiming at the more obvous targets of hipsters, hangovers and dating – and, in response, Miriam has created a new artwork called We sue an artist, the Dung Beetle guide to Corporate Intimidation, for ages 5+.

To reinforce her point, Miriam has included a hand-drawn version of the Penguin logo behind the central figure.

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