Comic Sans is quite possibly the most hated font by designers, which makes using it in a fun project pretty challenging – even if you're not taking its application too seriously. But a gallery show this week in support of Cancer Research has seen designers and illustrators looking below Charter on their fonts list for the first time in ages.

And to support this wonderful campaign, we changed our fonts to Comic Sans for the whole of August 20.

It's the 20th anniversary of Comic Sans this year, so organiser Chris Flack – a London-based, New Zealand-born graphic designer for TVC – asked creatives to design an A2 poster based on the font. He received entries from 34 countires and is exhibiting the best entries in east London in late August, with Renee Quigley and Jenny Theolin helping curate the exhibition.

Creatives taking part include the designer of Comic Sans Vincent Connare, his nemesis Ban Comic Sans, Bibliothèque, Build, Bunch Design, Oli Frape, Believe In (poster right), Hey Studio, Purpose, Spin, Sawdust, The Partners and Kiosk.

For more information and to make a donation to Cancer Research, visit or follow @comicsanscancer on Twitter.

Read on see more of the Comic Sans for Cancer posters to be exhibited.

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