Design agency Purpose has created a new set of Royal Mail stamps that celebrates British figures that were born 100 years ago.

The Remarkable Lives series features the portraits of 10 people, all of which were born in 1914 and made an impact on British society within their lives, whether through broadcasting, sport, theatre, economics, film, history, poetry, science, public service or graphic design.

The set, available from today, is accompanies by a presentation pack, first day cover filler card (right) and two 'cancellation' stamps (also shown right), each designed by Purpose.

This is not the first time Purpose has worked with Royal Mail to create a stamp series. Previously, the design agency has created a series of Crown Jewel stamps, a Halley's Comet commemorative pack and more.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to take a closer look at the stamps and find out more about the 10 British figures they celebrate.

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