2016 marks the 40th anniversary of when punk reached the British public consciousness – prompting a year-long series of events across the capital in celebration of the many forms of punk culture.

Punk London sees exhibitions and events at the Barbican, BFI Southbank, British Library, Design Museum and Museum of London – and there's as much a focus on the visual culture of punk as the music that's best remembered by your average person.

While there's an inherent contradiction in a celebration of an anti-establishment movement in spaces that act as beacons of the society punk wanted to tear down, it's not confined to them. There are lots of smaller events at venues the orginators of punk were or would have been more comfortable in: the ICA or the Print Space Gallery – where the Photographic Youth Music Culture Archive is exhibiting many of the photos you can see in this story.

You can also create your own event to celebrate, subvert or pervert the legacy of punk – with access to an identity (above) created by notoriously abrasive graphic designer Neville Brody's Brody Associates.

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