Like me, Walter Newton is a child of the first home computer generation. His first experience was an Acorn Electron (mine a Sinclair ZX Spectrum) and from a nostalgic love of those blocky graphics he's developed a pixel art style that harks back to the days of BASIC programming and games that seem very simple indeed by to today's standards.

Walter's work concentrates primarily on 80s home computing and consoles in subject matter as well as feel - though a few his works represent 80s film favourites such as Robocop and iconic pop culture objects such as cassettes and 'ghetto blasters'. Since graduating from Glasgow School of Art, Walter has been based in the Midlands producing both illustrations and animations.

These artworks convey the simple pleasures of early computers and games consoles in the home - and on the move, in the case of the revolutionary Gameboy. This mix of nostalgia and and joy has lead to commissions from magazines including GQ and Edge, and The Guardian.

These commisions - plus some new self-initiated works - are on show at an exhibition at the Coningsby Gallery in London. The 20 GOTO 10 show runs until January 30. The private view is tonight from 6-9pm and all are welcome. You might even see me there.

Image: Gamecube

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