MOVEment: AnOther and Ford

Masterminded by AnOther magazine’s Jefferson Hack, MOVEment is a collaborative project between fashion designers, film-makers and choreographers and dancers, and supported by Ford Vignale. The idea stemmed from a drive to see fashion photography in motion, and experiment with how each of these four different types of creatives could come together to collaborate, bounce off each others’ practices and tell stories.

The resulting films (above) range from the slick monochrome combination of Chalayan and Japanese dance duo Aya & Bambi, to the dreamlike world created by choreographer Jasmin Cardamon in collaboration with photographer Matthew Donaldson and Stephen Jones Millinery. In Hack’s opening speech he commended Ford Vignale for its support and for spotting a good idea when it saw one – a poignant reminder that creatives should think big when seeking sponsors for your creative ambitions. Big brands especially want to tap into the youth market, and achieve cut-through with new ideas.

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