A new graphic design poster collection based on the theme 'Asian Subconscious' has been curated by design studio Kult3D.

The poster series, which consists of 10 limited-edition designs by Singaporean graphic designers, has been curated to celebrate the launch of a new collaboration between Hong Kong-based store Kapok and furniture and product design range Industry+.

Each designer, ranging from emerging artists to established talents, used influences from Asian architecture, typography, packaging and food to create their posters.

All of the designs, which were recently unveiled as part of Singapore Design Week, will be available to purchase from Kult's online store.

See the full collection of posters and find out more about the designers by using the slideshow controls above and right.

Right: A new dawn. A new day. poster design by Where You Going. "Made from elements of three existing alphabets (comprising four languages: Chinese, English, Malay and Tamil), these new characters are familiar yet alien, suggestive of future possibilities," explains the design duo.

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