Aardman has made a makeover. The animation firm best known for stop-motion adventures featuring the archetypically British duo Wallace and Gromit – but which also includes a digital animation studio producing CG films and commercials – has been given a rebrand lead by Aardman senior designer Gavin Strange.

The rebrand is based on Aardman’s key strengths: creating fun short- and long-form animated films with iconic characters that people love.

"You could go round the houses looking for deep and meaningful design rationale,” says Gavin, "but that’s not right for Aardman – heart and soul, honesty and silliness needed to be at the core.”

All of the new designs – which extend from the usual business collateral such as business cards and letterheads to a brand-new website – are peppered with faces you recognise: Wallace, Gromit, Morph, Rex the Runt, Shawn the Sheep. There are also less well-known figures such as Angry Kids and sketched elements that reinforce that Aardman is the creative force behind this – something echoed in the sticker sheets that make up part of the rebrand.

Read on learn more about the rebrand's graphic and interactive design – including Gavin's three guiding design priniciples.

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