For their third book, sisters Nicole and Petra Kapitza have turned to Kickstarter to fund its publishing. You can help fund its creation here.

Geometric Two is, naturally, a sequel to their 2008 book of patterns Geometric, which was released through German publisher Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz. Between the two, Kapitza released Organic, which was nominated as one of the Design Museums' Designs of the Year in January.

The 224-page hardback book features a wealth of colour and black-and-white patterns to inspire designers and artists – whatever discipline you work in.

We caught up with Nicole to find out more about the project – including how they developed the concept for the book, and they techniques they're using to ensure their Kickstarter campaign is a success.

NB: Why did you decide to a 'sequel' to Geometric?

NK: "We are always continuing our exploration of creating pattern with pattern fonts and find out if we could push it any further. We also learned a lot when we working on Organic and thought our discoveries would lead to more interesting results if applied to geometric fonts."

Use the slideshow controls above and right to read the rest of the interview and see more photos of the book.

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