You may know London illustrator and designer Aled Lewis from his cheeky Toy Stories personal project, which became really popular back in 2011 (he still posts a few on his Tumblr). Since then he’s continued to dabble in a mixture of client and personal work, including a rather epic 30-ft cross-stitch tapestry depicting the Star Wars saga from Episode one through to Episode six. It was shown as part of his solo show – Such Pixels at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles – and caught the eye of brand and product communication agency Ad Store Italia who commissioned Aled for this unique pixel art project. 

Epic Home Concerts is a campaign by Guestar – an Italian online platform, which brings live concerts into the home of ordinary people. Users of Guestar can be put in touch with artists to propose a gig in their private home, whether that be a mountain cabin or beach bungalow. 

The campaign aims to blend two traditionally very juxtaposed aesthetics – band posters and cross-stitching. The idea is that cross-stitching is a hobby usually carried out in the home for an ornament or in memory of a special occasions within family life, which Guestar hopes home concerts will become a part of. We’re not sure who younger than the age of 65 actually cross-stitches anymore, but we love the idea.

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