With all the artistic skills inherent in the team within any given design studio, a degree of customisation of the workplace is to be expected.

However when Cardiff-based agency Designdough had just over a week to move, build and settle in a new studio, the team decided to do the work themselves, construct most of their furniture and turn the experience into a real team-building exercise.

We spoke to design administrator Frances Sheppard about the project.

MB: What prompted the move? What was your previous setup/space lacking?

FS: "As the studio was growing we needed to find somewhere we could expand and somewhere that represented us as a company.

"The studio we moved from was one of several large serviced office spaces in a refurbished malt house. It had a suspended floor in the roof of one of the old kilns, which admittedly was impressive. However the refurb made it all a bit too sleek, too modern and positively corporate. The new office needed to be somewhere we could fix up and give an identity to."

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