Firedog has revealed its work with the largest performing arts centre in Europe, The Barbican. The campaign is based around a series of 'Dreamscape' photo-illustrations, which can be seen in programmes, brochaures and posters around London's Tube network.

Forming part of a three year campaign, The Barbican asked the team at Firedog to convey the emotional experience of attending a classical music concert at the venue. We were only too keen to undertake the challenge.

Benjamin Britten asserted that “Composing is like driving down a foggy road toward a house. Slowly you see more details of the house – the colour of the slate and bricks, the shape of the windows. The notes are the bricks and mortar of the house.” For us Brits, the image of driving down a foggy road is one we can well relate to. Even more so, when the end of summer brings with it a sense of foreboding towards the oncoming winter austerity.

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