We've seen so many blogs turned into books that it should probably be its own genre, but Discovering Scarfolk is one of the few to stand on its own and deserve to be more than a ill-conceived Christmas present.

The Scarfolk Council blog by writer and graphic designer Richard Littler is a funny, disturbing mix of The League of Gentlemen and Look Around You. It's a vision of 70s small-town Britain where everything not 'normal' is to be distrusted, even hated and definitely stamped out - and what's 'normal' has been established by a parochial, inward-looking group who've come up with some very odd ideas of how society should work and built a self-absorbed bureaucracy around it.

So essentially, it’s a local council run by UKIP.

Read on to learn more about the book and see some of its mock information posters and book covers.

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