All updates all the time: That is Adobe’s mission for its Creative Cloud subscription plan. Delivering perpetual updates to the suite’s desktop lineup, without adhering to a designated upgrade schedule, frees both company and users from the long, cold wait for new and enhanced features. On Monday, Adobe announced a huge update to Photoshop CC 2015, its flagship image editor, which now hooks into its new 3D character creation app called Fuse CC.

There are also updates to Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro and After Effects – and Adobe has also announced that Flash Pro is being renamed Animate CC (we're guessing because the Flash name has become associated with malware threats, and because the tool is more for creating animations output as HTML5 and video).

But today, Photoshop is the big news.

Photoshop users are accustomed to change: Over time, Adobe has tweaked the app endlessly. But even by Adobe’s standards, the winter 2015 update opens up a new world to Photoshop users. Its flatter look and redrawn icons are just the beginning: Its integration with Fuse, which enhances Photoshop’s already extensive 3D capabilities, goes further.

So set your Creative Cloud updates downloading and let's have an in-depth look at what's on offer in the new Photoshop.

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