Adobe's Creative Cloud 2014 conference in sunny Los Angeles today saw the announcement of a slew of new features for the company's Creative Cloud customers.

While some improvements have been made to Adobe's desktop apps, communication between apps, both on mobile and desktop, seems to be one of the key things Adobe is focused on.

A completely revamped mobile apps line-up has been designed to speed up workflows, allowing more time to be creative, and allowing you to work wherever inspiration strikes you without coming up against barriers.

Plus, with the launch of the public beta of Adobe's Creative SDK, third-party apps that connect to Creative Cloud should begin popping up in app stores.

Here, we've listed the top 12 announcements from Adobe Max, including a sneak peek of a fun new character animation tool codenamed Project Animal. We'll be bringing you more news, interviews and inspiration from Adobe Max over the coming week, so stay tuned.

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