Autodesk Media and Entertainment, the company previously known as Discreet, has formally announced the long-awaited Toxik system for film compositing. Mooted for some time under a variety of names, Toxik is a database-based system allowing compositors to collaborate on large film projects.

At the heart of Toxik is an Oracle relational database, which holds all of the media for a project and ensures that all client systems are completely synchronized and have immediate, up-to-date access to all data – with version management controls included. The system can work with the highest resolution image sequences, including 2K, 4K, 6K and even 21K.

The Toxik client is based upon the traditional Discreet interface as found in tools such as Combustion, Flame and Inferno, but adds a new gestural control metaphor – called the Touch UI – that makes working with media more fluid and efficient, according to Autodesk. The client includes Reaction, a new 3D compositing environment.

Another part of Toxik is the Suave rendering engine. This supports 32-bit, HDRI images and features high quality anti-aliasing, per pixel shading, shadow mapping, depth of field and motion blur.

More information is expected at the NAB show at Las Vegas from April 16-21.

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