Sony has debuted the Cyber-shot T10, a credit card-sized digital camera that increases the picture quality and sensitivity over its predecessor, the T9.

 border=0 />The T10 features a sleek stainless steel body that

The camera uses two types of anti-blur technologies to help make shots as sharp and clear as possible. Super SteadyShot, as found on Sony's camcorders, uses a gyro-based optical image stabilizer that adjusts the lens element position to combat camera shake when shooting handheld or at low shutter speeds.

The second anti-blur technology employed in the Cyber-shot T10 is the camera’s extremely High Sensitivity capability. This allows the capture of fast moving objects without blur – a feature not possible with image stabiliser technology alone. The Cyber-shot T10 uses Clear RAW NR (Noise Reduction) processing that boosts signal to noise performance while increasing sensitivity up to ISO 1000.

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On the front of the cameras is a Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar 3x optical zoom lens, while the back features a 2.5-inch LCD screen. It ships with an InfoLithium battery than Sony says can capture up to 250 shots on a single charge.
The Cyber-shot T10 will ship in Septeber in silver and pink colour schemes. Pricing has yet to be announced.
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