Rhinofx has created the opening and closing title sequences for Columbia Pictures and Revolution Studios’ thriller Perfect Stranger, starring Halle Berry and Bruce Willis. Directed by James Foley, the film tells the story of a fictitious advertising mogul caught in the world of secrets, online intrigue and murder.

The opening of the film takes viewers on continuous progression from abstract to defined, pulling out of an intricate yet ambiguous journey from deep inside the inner eye, building suspense and clarity as the shot widens out from the perspective of a computer eye scanner. Rhinofx CD/director Arman Matin said: “We wanted to design something intricate and organic, absolutely unique that had never been seen before.”

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To deliver the desired result, the Rhinofx team developed and programmed custom fractal image generation software that could create the true visual rarity necessary to make the scene work. The six-month development process involved custom image-generation software, original digital matte paintings, complex CGI layering, and programming involving multiple and complex layers and ultra-high-res rendering. 
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