Nikon will ship a new digital SLR by the end of the year that it claims bridges the gap between entry-level and 'professional' classes. The D200 will cost £1,100 plus VAT for the body only, £1,275 plus VAT with a 18-70mm lens, and £1,960 plus VAT with a 17-55mm lens.

 border=0 /> </div>The SLR has a newly-developed 10.2-megapixel CCD that captures images at resolutions up to 3,872-x-2,592. It uses the same image processing as the D2x, and has an optical low pass filter is to prevent moire, colour fringing and shifting, according to Nikon. Up to 37 JPEG or 22 RAW images can be captured at up to 5fps in continuous shooting mode, and the camera supports ISO settings from 100-1600.
The D200 uses an 11-area autofocus system, which is the same number of areas as Nikon

Another technology taken from the D2 series is 3D Colour Matrix Metering II (AE), which Nikon claims delivers optimized exposure through the use of new technology developed for the Nikon 1,005-pixel RGB exposure/Colour Matrix Metering Sensor.

The D200 is designed to respond quickly. It has a start-up time of 0.15 seconds, a 50-millisecond shutter time lag and a 105-millisecond viewfinder balckout.

 border=0 />The SLR has a 2.5-inch high-resolution LCD screen with a 170-degree viewing angle in all directions, plus a LCD panel on the top for displaying information the cameras status that Nikon says is the largest in the industry.
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