NewTek has released VT 4 Live. Previously know as Video Toaster, VT 4 Live is the latest release of the live video production system.

VT 4 Live enables producers to set up, switch, and monitor a live production. It accepts most video and graphics input standards and file formats and operates in uncompressed D1 component video.

The system includes super-scaling technology, maintaining image quality when scaling video for picture-in-picture of real-time effects. VT 4 also includes an integrated timeline and storyboard editing with animated titling, paint, 3D modelling and animation and keying, the company claims.

New features include:

  • 200+ new effects and video transitions (over 500 total effects in VT 4)
  • PowerPoint added as a switcher input
  • Real-time DV out
  • Image Super-scaling for super-sharp picture-in-picture
  • 4 channel audio In and Out with adjustable mic or line feeds
  • Improved Audio now allows 12dB of headroom
  • 8-band EQ on all audio clips in the editor
  • Alpha Out to use VT 4 as CG upstream of switcher
  • CG for titles, scrolls, crawls and last-minute changes
  • Animated CG pages edited right on the Timeline
  • Instant Targa sequence playback for real-time playback and recording
  • Preview out for hardware monitoring of the show
  • Integrated Genlock for timing to house sync
  • Serverless Streaming to accommodate up to 10 simultaneous connections
  • Live Integration of Editor to incorporate cameras into projects
  • MPEG-2 Encoding for DVD creation
  • DVD Authoring with the bundled DVD Workshop 2 SE
  • 3D animation with LightWave 3D 8
  • 3D Audio positioning of all 4 channels in VT-Edit

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