NewTek has announced a new video editing application, SpeedEdit, which it claims enables editors to work faster than traditional NLEs. It has also launched version 5 of its Video Toaster (VT) live production studio and released a ‘pro’ version of its Tricaster portable live presentation system.

SpeedEdit is a resolution-independent NLE that supports formats including MPEG-2, HDV, DV, QuickTime, Flash and more, in all framerates and resolutions. Editors can mix SD and HD clips in the same project, with real-time previews, and capture and output media via FireWire.

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NewTek claims that SpeedEdit’s storyboard and timeline-based interface makes editing faster by removing steps such as transcoding and pre-trimming. The software offers real-time three-wheel colour correction with four-band selective colour selection and auto white balance correction.
SpeedEdit will cost $495 (around £275) when it ships in the summer. The software is also included as part of the new VT[5] Live production system, which is available with a new optional SDI hardware switcher, which has eight SDI inputs and assignable SDI outputs. VT[5] Live will be released in the summer for $6,495 (around £3,645), or as a free upgrade for owners of VT[4]
TriCaster Pro adds component input and output to the live presentation system, plus BNC and XLR connections. The upgrade includes automatic camera calibration, a waveform and vectorscope and high resolution projector outputs up to 2560-x-2048 pixels. Pricing for TriCaster begins at $4,995 (£2,800).
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