Like most creatives, we're fans of Moleskine's huge range of classic or innovative notebooks - and many of the lifestyle accessories that have been released under the brand's patronage. But the company's bags have never quite lived up to the rest of its products: it's myCloud bags are nicely understated but don't really have a 'Moleskine' feel to them, and its Classic bags suffer from being (mostly) polyurethane rather than leather and somewhat-clunkily emulating the design of the notebooks rather than being inspired by it.

Moleskine's new line of bags, called Lineage, are much more to our tastes. They're exteriors are 100% black leather - so can deal with London's sudden downpours - and their design by Milan-based Vittorio Venezia is drawn from the same language as the company's notebooks without directly copying it. This means that they look like stylish shoulder bags in their own right - rather than oversized, chunky books.

There are five bags in the Lineage line range from the small Reporter (shown here), which can fit a medium-sized iPad, up to three choices for your 15-inch laptop (and lots more): the Slim Briefcase, Messenger Bag and Backpack. Owners of the iPad Pro (or 13-inch laptops) may prefer the Tote Bag.

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