Logitech is set today to introduce a new mouse that uses a laser beam to track the movements of the device, providing much higher levels of precision and aimed at video and image editing, CG and gaming.

The mouse, which Logitech claims will be the first such laser-tracking device, provides end users with better click-and-point capabilities than traditional LED-based optical mice, according to company officials.

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The MX1000 Laser Cordless Mouse, developed in collaboration with Agilent, is up to 20 times more responsive and accurate than optical mice, according to Erik Charlton, global product marketing manager at Logitech. 
The mouse

Because of the laser, the MX1000 can work on the trickiest of surfaces, including polished and wood grain surfaces, said Charlton. "Traditional optical mice don't function well on shiny surfaces at home," he said.

The mouse is designed to appeal to those who simply want to have the latest product or those who need precision pointing, like people involved in video editing, photo editing and gaming, Charlton said.

The mouse is currently available in the US and Europe and costs £51 plus VAT. Logitech is in the process of gaining other certifications to ship this product globally, Charlton said.