From hand-screened T-shirts to Munny dolls, you can express your taste in illustration in many forms of fashion and homewares. However, while customized trainers are readily available, those who prefer their footwear to be a bit more refined and graceful have had limited options. Now thanks to Detroit-based artist Courtney Mason from Studio Jellyfish, you can express your creativity through your choice of heels.

"Recently I have started painting women’s high heels," says Mason. The idea came about when I was commissioned to do a job using paint markers. I loved the technique and fine art side to it so much that I wanted to find something that could be painted for women to wear. This way they could feel beautiful while expressing themselves.

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"After searching through fashion and trends I decided heels would be the perfect canvas for representation of a women’s style and individuality. I ran out that day and started painting my first pair of heels. I knew in that moment that this was something that I truly enjoyed creating. The once bright white straightforward heels were now transformed into wearable art."

The shoes cost $129 (around £80) a pair and can be bought on Etsy here.