HP has announced two A4 photo printers that it claims offer exceptional speed and professional-quality colour prints. Both the Deskjet 6980 and 6940 have the same specs, with the 6980 adding 802.11b/g wireless networking.

The printers support output at an optimized resolution of up to 4,800dpi, using up to six colours through an optional three colour ink cartridge. As standard, the printers ship with black and tri-colour (CMY) cartridges. Other options include a 250-sheet paper tray and a duplex unit.

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HP says that the printers can output pages at up to 36ppm in black-&-white and 27ppm in colour. They can print directly from PictBridge-enabled camera using USB ports on the front of the units.
The printers will ship in March. The Deskjet 6980 costs £100 plus VAT, with the Deskjet 6940 costing £85 plus VAT.
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