Curious Labs has released Shade 7, its 3D graphics suite aimed at designers, illustrators and architects, available in designer LE, standard and professional editions for Windows and Mac.

Curious claims that Shade 7 provides Bezier curve and surface modeling for 3D design generation, an integrated set of diverse plugins to detail and complete projects, and a global illumination renderer for radiant imagery.

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Tools for detailing products include Boolean modeling, polygon mesh modeling and auto-smoothing of curves as well as metaballs for physics-based modeling and organic natural designs. Shade 7 supports hardware acceleration and OpenGL.
Shade 7 offers the ability to import 2D Illustrator designs, as well as Photoshop integration. PoserFusion enables the hosting and playback of Poser scenes. IGES5.3 format support permits integration into a CAD-based environment.
Shade 7 designer LE is aimed at aspiring designers for an estimated street price of $99 (around £55). The standard version is available for a limited time for $199 (£110) – the standard price is $299. Shade 7 professional, offering advanced modeling, lighting and rendering, has an estimated street price of $999 (£550).
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