Corel has launched DecoStudio, its first software produced in partnership with Wilcom International, a specialist in embroidery and decorations technology. Aimed at the apparel and promotional items industries, Corel claims that DecoStudio offers the industry's most comprehensive solution for multi-decoration design, combining the intuitive interfaces of CorelDRAW with the flexibility and digitizing quality of Wilcom ES.

DecoStudio allows users to combine embroidery and print, switching between vector art and embroidery elements, without having to switch between multiple files. Different layers can be layered, so that screenprinting, direct-to-garment, print embroidery, applique and other techniques are separated but integrated.

"For over 28 years Wilcom has lead the industry with innovations in quality embroidery software technology," said Martin Kristiaman, CEO of Wilcom International. "After surveying our vast user base, we discovered that CorelDRAW was by far the most popular graphics tool for the print and embroidery industry worldwide, so we are truly excited about our partnership with Corel. We believe DecoStudio is a new milestone that benefits the multi-decorations industry and makes it easy for users to visualise and design a creative mix of garment printing, embroidery and applique."

"We are proud to partner with an industry leader like Wilcom in providing the embroidery market with a powerful tool that vastly improves the user experience and provides a more efficient way to complete design projects," said Nick Davies, Vice President and General Manager of Graphics and Productivity at Corel. "Traditional embroidery systems simply cannot match the flexibility, speed and simplicity offered by DecoStudio. Together with Wilcom, we are delivering a superior software solution to embroidery professionals and new embroiderers that represents a significant leap forward for this market."

"From the point of view of a digitising trainer, DecoStudio will close a huge gap for newcomers who will be able to get up to speed with embroidery quickly and be able to earn money within a short time frame," said Barbara Stuemer, Tex Design, Embroidery Specialist and Trainer. "Multi-technique garment decoration and conversion from a vector object to embroidery is done quickly and with ease, especially if you are familiar with CorelDRAW."

Pricing and Availability
The English language version of DecoStudio is available mid-March for a suggested retail price of £1,499. From May, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese versions will also be available for a suggested retail price of €1,999 (£1,535). All prices exclude VAT.

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