The UK’s favourite new Britpop poster girl, Lily Allen, sings about her little brother for her latest single, ‘Alfie’. In the accompanying video, her sibling, Alfie, is a hoodie-wearing puppet, with a penchant for weed and puppet porn.

UK post house Clear helped Alfie get up to no good by painting out all his puppeteering rods in Flame.

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In keeping with the track’s ditty tempo, Lily Allen is styled as an angelic girl from the 1950s. As she sings about her concern for the adolescent Alfie, the mischievous marionette is seen smoking weed in his dank teenage bedroom while playing computer games. In an attempt to get him back on the straight and narrow, Lily scours jobs listings until she finds an ad for ‘Puppet Show’ extras. But Alfie seems more interested in the his Barbie doll porn mag. Lily’s attempts all fail as Alfie continues his antics by pulling moonies, trying to sneak beer out the fridge, and throwing V signs.
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