It’s pretty safe to say I’m a fan of the DxO One camera – as I’ve pretty much got it on me all the time. Cigarette-packed sized, it’s much smaller and lighter than any other camera in its class – because instead of a (proper) screen or controls, you plug in your iPhone using its Lightning connector and use an app instead. And the quality of the photos it captures is surprisingly high: not on a par with a full SLR of course, but more than good enough to use on the web or in print. It’s the camera I use most for interviews, dingy club nights and over-brightly lit private views – which are great for the artworks but awful for photography.

The DxO was released a year ago – so you’d expect an upgrade about now. But instead of new hardware there’s the latest in a succession of firmware and app updates for the current model – plus (finally) a series of accessories including an underwater/ruggedised case, a lens adapter and a stand.

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