Dell’s has launched a new line of mobile workstations – laptops for creative pros that feature AMD FirePro or Nvidia Quadro graphics. The new Dell Precision mobile line have been given a design overhaul to both improve their appearance and make them thinner and lighter than their their predecessors – primarily by getting rid of largely redundant features such as optical drives and ExpressCard slots, but also by using lightweight materials such as magnesium and carbon fibre.

The new Precision line is also based on Intel’s Skylake platform for faster chips, and more and faster RAM.

There are three new models you’ll care about – kicking off with a new thin, light MacBook Pro-competitor that replaces the popular Precision M3800 (which is my current laptop of choice for travelling with, despite a rather short battery life).

All will be released in November – though some options won't be avaiable until early 2016. Pricing will be announced nearer to release, says Dell.

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