AMD has fleshed out its FirePro W-series range of graphics card following the release of the W9100 and W8100 earlier this year – debuting the FirePro W7100, W5100, W4100 and W2100 (the last two being aimed at CAD and medical markets). Nvidia has given almost all of its two-year-old Quadro range a refresh, launching the Quadro K5200, K4200, K2200, K620 and K420.

The first three cards are for creative pros, while the K620 and K420 are for areas such as the financial markets. These cards replace the K5000, K4000, K2000, K600 and 410 respectively – with only the ultra high-end K6000 remaining from the previous line. This is likely to be upgraded at a later date to the K6200.

For 3D modelling and animation, Nvidia says that its new line of Quadro cards can work with models and scenes up to twice that of the previous generation – and performance across both 3D and processing of other creative tasks such as VFX and video encoding up by up to 40 per cent in tools such as those in Adobe's Creative Cloud and Autodesk’s Design Suite.

Nvidia also says that the boards can be used to help push interactive representations of scenes and projects to other devices from phones to tablets to laptops. Details on this are sketchy and we’ll update this story as more information is forthcoming. The company is also debuting tech that it says allows you to quickly switch from GPU-based rendering to cloud- or server-based rendering systems using Nvidia’s Iray rendering engine.

Read on to discover what each board from AMD and Nvidia has to offer.

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