The HP Z1 is like an Apple iMac, but it’s a workstation. Like the iMac, it’s an all-in-one with the processor, RAM, graphics and storage all sitting behind the screen – so there’s no big desktop chassis to kick every time you sit down at your desk, and the price is lower than an equivalent desktop and monitor combo.

Unlike the iMac though, you’ve got workstation-class components including Xeon processors (though you can have Core chips if you prefer), ECC memory (or not), multiple hard drives and Nvidia Quadro graphics.

I was impressed by last year’s Z1 G2 (i.e. the second generation model) – though it’s screen was no match the 5k iMac’s. The new model is rather different though.

HP says customers wanted a smaller, cheaper model – so the new Z1 G3 has been shrunk from being based around 27-inch screen to a 23.6-inch one. HP says that this makes it 47% smaller, 51% lighter and 21% cheaper – with a price more in line with HP’s entry-level Z240 workstations.

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