According to its maker, this is the "world's most advanced computer workstation". To put a stake on that claim, Boxx said its new Apexx 5 can pack in no less than 36-cores and five GPUs. And no, by 36-cores Boxx isn't counting Hyper-Threading virtual cores. If it did that, the Apexx 5 would be a 72-thread workstation.

The company achieves its core count by using a pair of 18-core, liquid-cooled Xeon 2699V3 chips. Those are Haswell-based CPUs with clock speeds of 2.3GHz to 3.6GHz.

Maximum RAM in the Apexx 5 is actually 512GB of registered DDR4/2133, although the current configuration tool only lists 256GB. Boxx says it limited it to that amount, but the larger DIMMs can be selected by going through sales.

Workstations aren't just about the CPU, so the Boxx says the Apexx 5 can accommodate four dual-slot GPUs such as Nvidia's Quadro K6000 cards, Tesla or AMD FirePro W9100 cards. Boxx says you can install another single GPU to drive more panels and still add a PCIe SSD and 10Gb Ethernet card to the machine. The company said the fifth GPU would drive monitors, while the other GPUs are used to render projects.

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