Jon Burgerman, Mr Bingo, Hellicar & Lewis, Erik Spiekermann and others have shared their creative wisdom at Reasons to be Creative.

Many talented graphic and interactive designers, illustrators, coders, animators and filmmakers took to the stage at Reasons to be Creative in Brighton this week, and they had some excellent advice to share. Here, we've collected our favourite quotes from the event to help inspire you.

The Reasons to be Creative conference in Brighton brought together the likes of Stefan Sagmeister, Jon Burgerman, Hellicar & Lewis, Erik Spiekermann, Fabio Sasso, Mr Bingo and more to discuss topics dear to most creatives' hearts: from finding happiness and creative success and failure, to how to motivate yourself and change what you do for the better. It even got attendees singing in unison.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to read our favourite words of wisdom from the speakers at Reasons to be Creative.

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