Creative business school Hyper Island is predicting a talent shortage that will hit the creative and digital industries in 2015 – a shortage that canny designers can take advantage of if they have the right skills.

The college and creative consultancy feels that you should be looking to get into experience design – believing brands and services will no longer differentiate themselves on price, but on the user experience.

Hyper Island's predictions – which have formed the basis of the infographics shown here – could of course be viewed as marketing for Hyper Island's new Masters Program on Experience Design at its Manchester campus. for more students – but Hyper Island is basing its predictions on research carried out with over thirty top industry leaders in the creative and digital industries.

"A chasm definitely exists between what consumers expect and what brands can deliver,” said Lauren Currie, programme manager at Hyper Island. "This can be extremely costly for businesses.”

“Designers can support companies to overcome this challenge and think bigger than ever before," added Currie. "It's not about screens or apps anymore, it's about reimagining how we live, work and play and the role technology plays in that."

During 2014, Hyper Island held focus groups and individual qualitative interviews with its steering group and other top industry leaders within digital and technology industries.

The objective of the exercise was to understand if there are any special needs or gaps that the creative business school could help to fill.

The aim was to understand the key challenges for in the field in 2015 and then to design a course that will help businesses and individuals to overcome the key issues.

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