The web is so full of dull, overused fonts that it can begin to feel less like an innovation hub and more like, well, a sticky spider web trap of bad design (check out Font Police, if in doubt). What better antidote to a bad type overdose than an the alphabet from an entirely new, playful, colourful perspective?

Partly created for 36 Days of Type – a bright, fun, innovative project that invites designers, illustrators and graphic artists to go bonkers on the alphabet – Madrid-based 3D CGI artist Jenue’s inventive ideas are just the right type (sorry….) to fit the creative, playful brief. 

Creating a letter a day with plasticine, Jenue tried to create in a different style each day. From the letter A (shown) that looks like a sea monster about to come to life to a mesmerising, blockish Z (read on to see), Jenue has taken familiar shapes in unfamiliar direction – and perhaps help convinced a few bored kids to learn their ABCs. 

Here, we’ve put together Jenue’s alphabet. Right now, there are a few letters missing – as he’s still in the process of creation. Once he’s finished, I’d love to see it in a dizzyingly cool, usable font.

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